Thursday, 23 August 2012

Room Treasures

Lately I've accumulated some photos of my room I thought I'd share. Most of my possessions were bought second hand, on sale or an inexpensive shops but they're still precious to me.

I love this 1960s Arcopal Tea Set. It was £4 from a charity shop and looks stunning in the light. 
As you can see I've filled them with little trinkets such as brooches and rings. Many of the brooches were given to me as presents. 

I have a thing about bottles. I can't seem to throw pretty ones away. My flat mate at university shared this passion and would stick candles in wine bottles, which looks great. I filled this Snapple bottle with handpicked daisies. 

I bought these corked Sun and Moon bottles for a pound at a charity shop. I can't work out whether I like them empty or want to fill them up with something! 

This ceramic butterfly box and old floral tin I bought for £2 at a local farm which has a unit which is full of house clearance items. It was like the show 'American Pickers' which my boyfriend and I are obsessed with, it's on the History Channel if you have Sky TV. 

Last week my boyfriend bought me this beautiful oil burner. I fill it with these pink crystals which make a lovely scent in the room. I buy tea lights at Poundland, such a bargain. 
I bought the crystals from a gorgeous shop on a trip to Cheddar Gorge. I've found a link for the range but they are more expensive than what I paid. 
My favourite recent purchase has to be these Yankee Candle dupes from the 99p Store! As you can spy there is a genuine Yankee Candle in the background. 
 I've placed them on my grandmother's vintage plates and they smell amazing. The top one is roses and the bottom is spiced apple, which is so Christmassy! I'm definitely going to pop back and grab some of the other scents such as Blueberry Muffins. 

I hope you enjoyed this (picture heavy!) post. What do you like to buy for your bedroom? 


  1. Such a lovely details in your room. x

  2. i loved the little details in your room

  3. Such a cute blog. Definitely following :)x

  4. I love your tea set and the sun & moon bottles! I love finding unusual, pretty things at charity shops :)
    Rachelle x

  5. I love the candles.