Thursday, 19 July 2012

Recent Purchases: H&M and Primark

My lack of posting has been due to a busy couple of weeks. My graduate unemployment is over as I have a job in a school which is starting in September and I am hugely excited. I have also been dairy-free for a week and will post about it after a full fortnight.

On Tuesday my grandmother (so formal-we call her Nanny!) took me for a celebratory day out. We had a lovely lunch and she treated me to these great jumpers from H&M.

I know that buying jumpers in July is absurd but so is this weather! The green cable knit was £14.99 and the chic black and white jacket style jumper was on sale for £7. If you like to wear jumpers I would urge you to invest as these are good quality for the price.

These other purchases I treated myself to. They are from everyone's favourite bargain emporium-Primark!

I have been looking for a black satchel style bag for a while but with not much luck-they are either too bulky or expensive. I saw this in for £9 which I thought was reasonable, but had a welcome surprise at the till when it scanned at a fiver. Good old Primark. It is nice and lightweight and just the right size. 

Black ballet shoes-£8
These are wonderfully sturdy for the price and much prettier than other pricier versions of the high street. They have a new padded insole as well which adds to the comfort. 

Heeled ballet pumps-£10
I just couldn't resist these once I saw the heel. 
For a tenner they are a a fraction of Topshop versions and also feature to new padded insole design. There is a Parisian theme going on with these purchases, if only I was jetting off there!

I hope my wonderful readers are having a lovely week!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Music Monday

Well today might just be the best Monday ever as I found out I've received a 2:1 in my English Degree. I have struggled with the enormity of essays and exams and feel so proud, which doesn't happen often. Here are some of the songs I've been enjoying this week.

Lana Del Rey-National Anthem
Miss Del Rey may divide opinion but I for one enjoy her music and love her look. This sublime video contains sizzling chemistry between Lana and A$AP Rocky, who looks gorgeous. 

A$AP Rocky-Goldie (NSFW/contains expletives etc)
You may have heard this on Radio 1 (clean, obviously) and I just really like it to be honest. Definitely would like to Cruise around Paris in that car. 

The Who-Substitute 
Radio 2 now has a fond place in my heart. I prefer hearing a variety of music such as this great song from a British musical institution. 

Cry Baby Soundtrack-King Cry Baby

Definitely dancing around to this in jubilation and also to commemorate Susan Tyrrell (Ramona Rickettes) who passed away last month. 

What tunes have you had on repeat?