Sunday, 10 June 2012

Skin Care: Body

This post is fitting for a Sunday as this is the day I most like to do treatments to set me up for the forthcoming week. It's a quick rundown of my favourite products for the body

Body Brush-Wilkinson, £2
I had read about the benefits dry skin brushing many times, and a month ago I decided to try it. This was an absolute bargain and such good quality for the price. Natural bristles are a must for dry skin brushing, as otherwise it will be too abrasive. It is quick and simple; before showering I run this over my body, brushing towards the heart. I was sceptical but it does leave me with a lovely tingling feeling and I believe it has made a difference to my cellulite. Well worth a try.

Cocoa Butter Lotion-Poundland
After showering and before bed I moisturise all over with this. I am a fan of Palmer's and like the smell, however I find it slightly too much for the day. Therefore I decided to give this a try, another steal at a pound. The scent is just right and fades after a while. It also sinks into my skin a lot faster than Palmer's, making it ideal for the morning when you're in a rush. When the weather gets colder I will usually use a denser lotion in the evening as my skin gets drier, but this is definitely a firm favourite.

Soap & Glory 'Girligo'-£6.50 (for 250ml) available at Boots
I received this in a Christmas gift set and use it on special occasions. It's a moisturising body spray and I spritz it onto my arms, legs and chest which leaves a light sheen. Not an essential product, bit a little something extra for a treat.

Rescue Oil-Poundland
This is marketed as a much cheaper alternative to Bio Oil. Once or twice a week I will use this on my legs, as they can get very dry. This sinks in surprisingly easily for an oil. I can't vouch for its effectiveness at tacking stretch marks, but it is great for my legs which can get slightly 'scaly'!

Mango Body Scrub-The Body Shop, £12.50
I bought this as part of a gift set (spoiling myself!) which contained other Mango products, for £15. I will say that I'm not sure I can justify the price tag for repurchase, I think I will be trying a Soap & Glory one instead. I like to use a scrub once a week with exfoliating gloves to blitz those dead skin cells! It makes me feel amazing afterwards.

Palmer's Natural Bronze Lotion-Superdrug/Boots, £5.35
For me, this is by far the best of the self-tanning moisturisers on the market. I have tried Johnson's (blah) Garnier (can be a bit orangey) and Dove (good colour but patchy). This ticks all the boxes for me. With the right preparation and lots of moisturising it lasts too. I even use it on my face and neck, I trust it that much! I don't use this all the time, but will start applying it 2-3 days before a special occasion.

I'd love to hear your must-have body products as I'm always up for trying new things! Hope you've all have a wonderful week.


  1. That cocoa butter lotion sounds amazing, you can't really go wrong for a pound! The tanning lotion sounds great too, must add that to my wishlist!

    Gillian x

  2. I used to use a body brusher regularly and like you said I used to feel very tingly and I like to think it made a difference. Definitely going to start doing it again after reading your post!

  3. @ Fiona: Yeah I really believe it does, helps with my dry legs as well x

  4. i love bodyshop skincare products. i'll just buy them for the smell. my favourite is the midnight bakula but i love the mango ones for summer :) x