Monday, 18 June 2012

No.7 and No.17

I'll be honest, these are the only two products I own from these lines, and the No.7 one I don't really own-it's borrowed from my sister! However I am really impressed with the quality of this No.7 nail polish in 'Hot To Trot':

I think it is very subtle for day time glamour. This was with two coats, and although the coverage is light, this makes for an easy application and it is fast drying. This is a small bottle as part of a gift set, the Stay Perfect Nail Colours retail at £7 for a full size at Boots. Ideal to purchase when the No.7 £5 vouchers are out!

The next product I purchased on a whim while still at university. Admittedly, when I'm feeling a bit low I do tend to buy little things to perk me up, and this No.17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in 'Honey Blossom' caught my eye: 

(please excuse my hair-I air dry it so it's still damp!)

I like the peachy shimmery colour of this, but most of all I love the formulation. It's the lightest lipstick I own and completely non-drying. I think I will invest in a few more of these when I'm next feeling down! At £4.29 it's also a reasonable price. 

Do you have any must have products from these lines? 


  1. I love the lipstick, the colour is really pretty! No7 nail polishes are fab too! I don't really have any must owns from those lines as I've not used them much, but 17's shimmer brick is great xx

  2. Wow! You are sooo beautiful!! <3

  3. that lippie is gorrrgeous! x

  4. @ Sarah: I will have to try the shimmer brick as I've been eyeing a few up! thanks xo

    @ Anna: ahh thank you, you've made my day! X

    @ Lydia: thanks I really like it too :) x