Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lust List: Topshop

When looking at the Topshop website I was divided. I was drawn to work wear-not season appropriate exactly, but classic pieces. On the other hand I also loved some sweet summery designs. Therefore I combined them both for this Polyvore set, 'Corporate Versus Cute':

1.) Navy Blazer I keep trying on blazers in Primark in the vain hope that they will sit right, but to no avail. I think I will have to invest more for a better design and quality like this one. 
2.) Peplum Dress again, at £48 there are cheaper versions of this available. However, I love that this is available in tall. Topshop dresses usually come up very short on me so I would love to try this on. 
3.) Watermelon Blazer I love the colour of this, it crosses over between corporate and cute very well. 
4.) Mid Heel Ballerina Shoes I think I'm lusting over these the most. I adore the design and colour. They salso come in Pink and Apricot but I personally can't get over the mint!
5.) Tea Dress This is a lovely wrap over design which is so flattering. I do fear it would come up short on me, but it is ideal for you petite ladies. 
6.) Ombre Shorts these are so perfect for summer and also come with a matching blazer. Stunning. 

Are there any Topshop pieces you're lusting over this week? 


  1. I want to buy some more topshop make up, and I really want to buy some more of their make up because it's amazing! I love those blazers too :) xx

  2. I love the ombre blazer! and some of the maxi skirts they have in there at the minute are lush

  3. I love the picks, really love the pink blazer and tea dress :)


  4. I love these ! My favourite is the watermelon Blazer :)


  5. Yes! I am always torn between these two options too. But more recently I have been getting in to the more classic tailored pieces :)
    Just found your blog and am enjoying, I look forward to your future posts so I have followed :)

    Karys x

  6. I really want a blazer like that navy one, it's lovely. I love those little pumps as well, the colour is adorable xxx

  7. i looove the watermelon blazer! the color is perfect for summer, and it can go with anything!! :)

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  8. Ooo I love everything you have picked here. I would even mix the two different looks, cute and corporate all at the same time :D thanks for sharing xx