Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Little Room Tour

Pinterest is not good for me. It has made me imagine my future home in unnecessary detail. Luckily, I already have a lovely room thanks to my creative mother, and I've added some little details myself in the past few years. Now that I've moved out of my university flat, I've become even more obsessed with little interior design touches. Here are some photos:

As it's an attic bedroom, I have this sloped section which is ideal to display jewellery. This is ideal for me, as I can rotate what I wear regularly to this section and put away the rest. 
I keep earrings and other items in this sweet jewellery box from TKMaxx. 
I bought these Parisian canvases from Primark, which occasionally has some real treasures in its home ware department. 
My little library-the classic/highbrow section!
And the fun library: Sex and The City and Vogue as standard. 
Old china is an ideal place for beauty products. 

Now only if I had a bathroom, kitchen, living room etc to design! 


  1. I have my necklaces displayed like that too. I love seeing them all the time!

  2. Aww your room looks lovely, I also have an attic bedroom and find it hard to decorate my room with the slanted ceilings.


  3. @ Arielle: I know, its so convenient!

    @ Charlee: Thank you! Yes it can be such a pain!

  4. I know what you mean, Pinterest is just full of creative and inspiring things..I have a bunch of things from there on my 'to do some day' list.
    Your room is just lovely. I like the way you have displayed your jewellery, that is very handy!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Magie x

  5. Your room is lovely! I love the Paris photos x

  6. Oh I love the jewellery box!


  7. Such a pretty room and such a cute blog :)

    By the way I am holding my first ever giveaway, check it out here...



  8. cute room! do you want to follow each other on google friend connect, if so, follow me and i'll follow back :) xxx