Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Elizabeth Taylor Poolside Style

Summer is-supposedly-here, and whether you're having a staycation or jetting off somewhere exotic you'll probably be investing in swimwear. I've turned to the Queen of glamour Elizabeth Taylor for some pointers. 

1.) Beach Cover Up
There is a vast array of weird and wonderful kaftans and sarongs available, but for something simpler, turn to Chino Shorts. 

These Chino Shorts from A Wear are a great piece to have in your wardrobe as they would look lovely with tights and flats for when it starts to get chilly. 

2.) Leopard Love
How amazing is this photo? This the ultimate in sexy beachwear, and who says a one-piece can't be sexy? The main accessory for this look is confidence. 
I'm in love with this costume!

3.) Flirty and Casual
Here is Elizabeth relaxing on a yacht with her notorious partner Richard Burton. Girl knows how to avoid a tan line!

Obvious accessories include big sunglasses and jewellery-but better stick with the costume variety. 

What swimwear have you been buying? 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Music Monday

I hope all my lovely readers have had a great weekend. I'm glad the rain has finally subsided! I haven't done a music post in a fair while so I thought I'd share a few recent songs I've been enjoying and some older favourites. 

Scissor Sisters-Baby Come Home
I've recently switched to Radio 2 in my bedroom as I was becoming a bit sick of Radio 1, I must be showing my age. Their playlist has this new song from the Scissor Sisters on and I've really been enjoying it. The band always has such great music videos too. Besides there's a limit to how many times I can hear Cheryl 'Call My Name'. 

Kanye West-All of the Lights
Okay, so part of the reason I switched to Radio 2 was because they were hammering on about their Hackney Weekend, which I desperately tried and failed to get tickets to! I watched Jay-Z on Saturday night on BBC3 and loved when Kanye came on. Many of the reasons I appreciate Kanye West as an artist are articulated brilliantly in this article. This is one of my favourites. 

Knife Party-Bonfire
It comes as a surprise to some people how much I really enjoy drum and bass, dubstep and dance music in general. I can't really explain it, it's mostly to do with it being amazing to have a good time to. This song comes from two (now former) members of Pendulum and you can hear the similarity to songs like Tarantula. 

Maroon 5-Stutter
Ah, that Payphone song. So annoyingly catchy. I prefer the older Maroon 5 songs such as this song from their 2010 album 'Hands All Over' which I think showcases Adam's voice in a far more likable way. 

What songs have you been enjoying recently? I'd love to hear your recommendations. 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of chic in my opinion. I especially love her 'casual' look, which I've attempted to recreate with this Polyvore set.

Shirt: Topshop, Trousers: Topshop, Black shirt: H&M, Earrings: Dorothy Perkins,
Shoes: ASOS

What kind of casual look do you like to go for? I'd love to hear your own inspirations.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Eyebrow Envy

I have recently started to grow out my eyebrows and it is proving a royal pain. I want to grow them so I can have them shaped professionally, and to fill in some gaps. I thought I was fairly free and easy when it it came to the tweezers, yet this is proving not to be the case. I've taken to not looking in mirrors for too long, no mean feat when you're removing eye make up. Here are some eyebrow photos to stop me reaching for the tweezers. These women have got brows to die for:

Oh Nigella, I not only envy your eyebrows but your cooking/seduction skills.
Elizabeth Taylor, the sadly missed legend and connoisseur of the brow. 
Eva Mendes, great brows AND Ryan Gosling?! Bet she wakes up happy. 
Camilla Belle has such lovely natural brows!

If any of you have ever grown out your brows, I would love any tips!

Monday, 18 June 2012

No.7 and No.17

I'll be honest, these are the only two products I own from these lines, and the No.7 one I don't really own-it's borrowed from my sister! However I am really impressed with the quality of this No.7 nail polish in 'Hot To Trot':

I think it is very subtle for day time glamour. This was with two coats, and although the coverage is light, this makes for an easy application and it is fast drying. This is a small bottle as part of a gift set, the Stay Perfect Nail Colours retail at £7 for a full size at Boots. Ideal to purchase when the No.7 £5 vouchers are out!

The next product I purchased on a whim while still at university. Admittedly, when I'm feeling a bit low I do tend to buy little things to perk me up, and this No.17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in 'Honey Blossom' caught my eye: 

(please excuse my hair-I air dry it so it's still damp!)

I like the peachy shimmery colour of this, but most of all I love the formulation. It's the lightest lipstick I own and completely non-drying. I think I will invest in a few more of these when I'm next feeling down! At £4.29 it's also a reasonable price. 

Do you have any must have products from these lines? 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jewellery Displa

Since returning from university, I've had to confront the junk in my room. I really do marvel and the bizarre things I've clung onto. However, I did dig out an old metal flower I used to hang necklaces on. I decided to revive it, but with earrings instead:

As you can see, I have a penchant for costume jewellery! I've been fascinated with it since I was little. I just can't resist it, like the intricate jewelled hands that were a bargain at £3.50 from Topshop. I rarely spend more than £5 on a pair of earrings unless I really adore them. 

This morning my family and I went to a local village fair and then for a quick charity shop browse. Amongst the Royal memorabilia I found this lovely Eiffel Tower metal wall hanging for £3. 

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, and justified it by using it for a great purpose...

Leaving 'room' for my other necklaces!

How do you store your jewellery? 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lust List: Topshop

When looking at the Topshop website I was divided. I was drawn to work wear-not season appropriate exactly, but classic pieces. On the other hand I also loved some sweet summery designs. Therefore I combined them both for this Polyvore set, 'Corporate Versus Cute':

1.) Navy Blazer I keep trying on blazers in Primark in the vain hope that they will sit right, but to no avail. I think I will have to invest more for a better design and quality like this one. 
2.) Peplum Dress again, at £48 there are cheaper versions of this available. However, I love that this is available in tall. Topshop dresses usually come up very short on me so I would love to try this on. 
3.) Watermelon Blazer I love the colour of this, it crosses over between corporate and cute very well. 
4.) Mid Heel Ballerina Shoes I think I'm lusting over these the most. I adore the design and colour. They salso come in Pink and Apricot but I personally can't get over the mint!
5.) Tea Dress This is a lovely wrap over design which is so flattering. I do fear it would come up short on me, but it is ideal for you petite ladies. 
6.) Ombre Shorts these are so perfect for summer and also come with a matching blazer. Stunning. 

Are there any Topshop pieces you're lusting over this week? 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Style Crush: Nicole Richie

The mega-stylish Nicole Richie graces the cover of Company magazine this month, and I for one love the way she puts an outfit together. I also think she has a wicked sense of humour. Yes, she hasn't always been the style maven we see today. She has truly undergone a metamorphosis since her Simple Life days. After a period of looking worryingly thin and unhappy, she is now a married mother of two with a fashion line of her own, House of Harlow. Here is a selection of some of my favourite outfits (photos from www.nrichienews.com)

Are you a fan of Nicole's style? I for one have major wardrobe envy...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Skin Care: Body

This post is fitting for a Sunday as this is the day I most like to do treatments to set me up for the forthcoming week. It's a quick rundown of my favourite products for the body

Body Brush-Wilkinson, £2
I had read about the benefits dry skin brushing many times, and a month ago I decided to try it. This was an absolute bargain and such good quality for the price. Natural bristles are a must for dry skin brushing, as otherwise it will be too abrasive. It is quick and simple; before showering I run this over my body, brushing towards the heart. I was sceptical but it does leave me with a lovely tingling feeling and I believe it has made a difference to my cellulite. Well worth a try.

Cocoa Butter Lotion-Poundland
After showering and before bed I moisturise all over with this. I am a fan of Palmer's and like the smell, however I find it slightly too much for the day. Therefore I decided to give this a try, another steal at a pound. The scent is just right and fades after a while. It also sinks into my skin a lot faster than Palmer's, making it ideal for the morning when you're in a rush. When the weather gets colder I will usually use a denser lotion in the evening as my skin gets drier, but this is definitely a firm favourite.

Soap & Glory 'Girligo'-£6.50 (for 250ml) available at Boots
I received this in a Christmas gift set and use it on special occasions. It's a moisturising body spray and I spritz it onto my arms, legs and chest which leaves a light sheen. Not an essential product, bit a little something extra for a treat.

Rescue Oil-Poundland
This is marketed as a much cheaper alternative to Bio Oil. Once or twice a week I will use this on my legs, as they can get very dry. This sinks in surprisingly easily for an oil. I can't vouch for its effectiveness at tacking stretch marks, but it is great for my legs which can get slightly 'scaly'!

Mango Body Scrub-The Body Shop, £12.50
I bought this as part of a gift set (spoiling myself!) which contained other Mango products, for £15. I will say that I'm not sure I can justify the price tag for repurchase, I think I will be trying a Soap & Glory one instead. I like to use a scrub once a week with exfoliating gloves to blitz those dead skin cells! It makes me feel amazing afterwards.

Palmer's Natural Bronze Lotion-Superdrug/Boots, £5.35
For me, this is by far the best of the self-tanning moisturisers on the market. I have tried Johnson's (blah) Garnier (can be a bit orangey) and Dove (good colour but patchy). This ticks all the boxes for me. With the right preparation and lots of moisturising it lasts too. I even use it on my face and neck, I trust it that much! I don't use this all the time, but will start applying it 2-3 days before a special occasion.

I'd love to hear your must-have body products as I'm always up for trying new things! Hope you've all have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Little Room Tour

Pinterest is not good for me. It has made me imagine my future home in unnecessary detail. Luckily, I already have a lovely room thanks to my creative mother, and I've added some little details myself in the past few years. Now that I've moved out of my university flat, I've become even more obsessed with little interior design touches. Here are some photos:

As it's an attic bedroom, I have this sloped section which is ideal to display jewellery. This is ideal for me, as I can rotate what I wear regularly to this section and put away the rest. 
I keep earrings and other items in this sweet jewellery box from TKMaxx. 
I bought these Parisian canvases from Primark, which occasionally has some real treasures in its home ware department. 
My little library-the classic/highbrow section!
And the fun library: Sex and The City and Vogue as standard. 
Old china is an ideal place for beauty products. 

Now only if I had a bathroom, kitchen, living room etc to design!