Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Skin Care Routine: Face

My relationship with my skin has been tempestuous to say the least. When I hit puberty, my face exploded with acne. I was devastated as nothing seemed to work. Years were spent testing every single brand of acne treatment in Boots and Superdrug and even prescribed products. The prescribed products were only slightly better in that they kept the acne at bay for a longer time, but then they returned with a vengeance. As a side note, I ate healthily and exercised. Eventually, the doctor put me on Dianette (a contraceptive pill), and suddenly I had spot-free skin. I was amazed at the transformation. However I still continued to take care of my skin inside and out. I have been off Dianette for ages, as it meant to only be a temporary solution. I now still get spots occasionally, often around my period. But I try my hardest to keep my skin clear and glowing. Here are some products that have worked really well for me.

The Boots Botanics Range
I like this range as it contains many natural ingredients for an affordable price. I'd love to be using Neal's Yard products but I can't afford it! My top picks include the Skin Brightening Cleanser. This is a light, creamy formula which is perfect for smoothing over your face and leaving to sink in, then removing with a cotton wool pad. I find it really removes the grime after a long day and suits my skin much more than liquid cleansers. After I use the Skin Brightening Toner which is the only toner I've used which really makes a difference on my pores. I've found that other toners, such as Garnier and Nivea, only 'cool' my skin, which is lovely but doesn't make any changes. Overall, it is worth trying this range if you enjoy natural skincare.

The Superdrug Vitamin E Range
You can probably tell I've been a student for the past three years! However, I would not have continued to repurchase these items if they didn't work. I love the moisturisers from this range, the Day Cream contains SPF15 which I believe is essential. I also use the Night Cream which leaves my skin feeling nicely moisturised until the morning. The only gripe I have is that these come in tubs, I prefer tubes if I'm honest! In the shower I like using the Face Scrub as a light exfoliator. It contains natural 'oaty bits' rather than small scratchy particles which I find irritates my skin. 

I'd love the hear your skin care recommendations! I know mine aren't very glamorous, but I like to do the best with what I have. I also use these Skin Hair and Nails Tablets which are a good all rounder (on top of a healthy diet of course!).

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