Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wonders of the Week

Hello everyone! I'm so pleased it as been a little sunnier in the South the last couple of days. Here is my run down of what I've been loving.

5.) Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Pompous

I hate it when you purchase a nail polish and it doesn't deliver. Even some of the pricier nail polishes can disappoint, such as a few of the Nails Inc. products. However, Rimmel on the whole is a reliable brand. They are reasonably priced and usually on offer in Superdrug or Boots. They can go gloopy if you don't look after them so it's important to do them up tightly! I especially like this color as it looks exactly like it does on the bottle. The purple is lightly flecked with blue sparkle and it is a really striking colour for the evening.

4.) Salvador Dali 

In one of my university classes I've been studying Surrealism and fell in love with Meditative Rose (1958)

3.) The Goddess Guide by Gisèle Scanlon 

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this wonderful book in a charity shop (you can purchase it here). It is jam-packed full of fabulous information, tips and other treasures. It would also make a lovely present for a friend or loved one. 

2.) Valentine's Day-Your Way
I understand why people dislike Valentine's Day-I was one of them once. However, like Halloween or Pancake Day, I just don't take it too seriously. I had a lovely day with my boyfriend and that's what matters. I hope you enjoyed yours too, whether out for a fancy meal, having drinks with your friends or watching Eastenders with some Milk Tray. 

1.) The Woman in Black
It's a 12a, I thought to myself. The cinema is full of young teens and middle-aged couples. How scary can it be? Lets just say I was peering through the holes of my wooly scarf-with one eye closed. Gripping and fantastic acting. 

Hope you're all enjoying your week! 


  1. That nail varnish looks stunning!

  2. ya I don't take valentines or halloween too seriously too, I just try to chill and have fun! Love Salvador Dali too!!

  3. My boyfriend and I weren't always big on valentines day, we just like to spent time together. I hope you had a lovely day.


  4. I tagged you in this '11 Beauty Questions Tag' Hope you don't mind:

  5. I went to see the woman in black too! I've neer been so scared in all my life ha, I'm such a wimp!! X

  6. I so want to see 'The Woman in Black' - need to find a babysitter and then im there. I agree Valentines Day shouldnt be taken too seriously but i totally love the cheesy stuff :o) Scarlett x

  7. Can`t wait to see Daniel Radcliffe in new role :)

  8. ooh i cant wait to watch the woman in black! i too dont take v-day seriously but i do love making/creating things that are heart shaped :)


  9. very nice blog ! you should check out me and my sisters fashion blog ! :DD follow for a follow ? ;;D

  10. They went there to see Daniel Radcliffe? hahaa.. I wanted to watch it cos of him but didn't =(