Monday, 27 February 2012

Music Monday

The other day I decided to try Spotify Premium for the 30 free trial, and I didn't expect to fall in love with it but I have. I've been using Spotify for a couple of years now and it really is a great service even if you have the basic free one. This weeks Music Monday is inspired by various Spotify playlists I've been listening to on their 'App' feature.

Anna Calvi-Blackout

I've heard various buzz about Anna Calvi but I admit this is the first song of hers I've properly listened to, and I think it's fantastic. It's dramatic and soulful and I've had it in my head all week. 

James Blake-A Case of You
Of course I love the Joni Mitchell original, but this is a really lovely version. I first heard of James Blake because he attended my university and I think he's great. This video is beautiful. 

Summer Camp-Better Off Without You
I love that music like this is being made. Great break-up song to dance around to. 

What songs are you loving this week? 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lust List: Oasis and Therapy at House of Fraser

Apologies for being a tad slow with blogging lately, dissertation stress is taking over. So for a bit of light relief, what better than a little virtual window shopping and set-making on Polyvore?
We have an Oasis in the town where I live, and to be honest it is not the best shop in terms of merchandising, which is a shame as it lets the clothes down! I love the elegance of the green dress. I think although these are slightly above 'average' high-street prices, they are nonetheless going to last you through the seasons. 

I rarely go to House of Fraser, but when I do I always check out this concession. I recently purchased the delightful underwear pictured, as frankly who could resist knickers covered with macaroons?! Love the nautical themed tops too. This brand often has sales so it is worth waiting if some of their pieces are out of your budget. 

And, if money was NO object...
The apple bag-so frivolous, but fabulous. I bet it looks amazing in the light. The Bayswater-well, I didn't think I could lust after one of these even more. It's so cute and even called 'cookie-cutter'. Here's hoping there is a very convincing dupe out there for me soon...

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wonders of the Week

Hello everyone! I'm so pleased it as been a little sunnier in the South the last couple of days. Here is my run down of what I've been loving.

5.) Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Pompous

I hate it when you purchase a nail polish and it doesn't deliver. Even some of the pricier nail polishes can disappoint, such as a few of the Nails Inc. products. However, Rimmel on the whole is a reliable brand. They are reasonably priced and usually on offer in Superdrug or Boots. They can go gloopy if you don't look after them so it's important to do them up tightly! I especially like this color as it looks exactly like it does on the bottle. The purple is lightly flecked with blue sparkle and it is a really striking colour for the evening.

4.) Salvador Dali 

In one of my university classes I've been studying Surrealism and fell in love with Meditative Rose (1958)

3.) The Goddess Guide by Gisèle Scanlon 

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this wonderful book in a charity shop (you can purchase it here). It is jam-packed full of fabulous information, tips and other treasures. It would also make a lovely present for a friend or loved one. 

2.) Valentine's Day-Your Way
I understand why people dislike Valentine's Day-I was one of them once. However, like Halloween or Pancake Day, I just don't take it too seriously. I had a lovely day with my boyfriend and that's what matters. I hope you enjoyed yours too, whether out for a fancy meal, having drinks with your friends or watching Eastenders with some Milk Tray. 

1.) The Woman in Black
It's a 12a, I thought to myself. The cinema is full of young teens and middle-aged couples. How scary can it be? Lets just say I was peering through the holes of my wooly scarf-with one eye closed. Gripping and fantastic acting. 

Hope you're all enjoying your week! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Music Monday

Hello! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I'm currently on my reading week, which coincides with half term which is lovely as I can spend some time with my family back home. This Music Monday is inspired by my recently revived old iPod. Some of the songs on there were frankly shocking (Partyshank anyone?). Others were wonderful to rediscover. Here is a selection of those:

Willy Mason-Oxygen
There are some really brilliant lyrics in this song and I love his voice. 

The Spinto Band-Oh Mandy
Such a dreamy song and a wonderful animated video. 

Giant Drag-This Isn't It
I remember hearing this on a CD which came free with the NME. I gradually fell out of love with the magazine (ridiculously male-dominated) but I do credit it for helping me discover bands such as this. 

X-Ray Spex- Germ Free Adolescent 
A girl at school introduced me to this band which I'm thankful for. I had the most fleeting phase of listening to punk but this is one of bands that stayed with me. The brilliant lead singer Poly Styrene sadly died last year so this is a small tribute. 

I'd love to hear about some of the bands you enjoyed as a teenager. 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lust List: Monsoon

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Today I'm posting about Monsoon, a shop which was off my radar for a long time. I have always loved Accsesorize, but never ventured next door into its sister shop. However last autumn I found my perfect coat in the shop window and have been fond of it ever since. The Fusion collection is the 'young' range and well worth checking out if you're somewhat sceptical.  Here are some of my picks:

From Top Left To Bottom Right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 

If I had to pick it would be the blue dress with the flowers for the 50s shape. Yet the scallop detailing is somewhat irresistible...although for the moment this is all out of my student budget, unfortunately. 

Are you a Monsoon fan? 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nail Love

I've always had a thing about nail varnish. I've also amassed a (worrying) collection that I will have to photograph for you all at some point. When I was younger I loved those gloriously tacky little nail stickers you got free with Mizz magazine. Recently there's been a resurgence in nail art, thanks to WAH Nails and others. I've found some great inspiration on Pinterest I thought I'd share with you.

This is so sweet and girly. I've found a tutorial here but instead of nail-art pens you could always make use of a toothpick to tip in your nail varnish. 
Galaxy Nails are just mesmerising. I've attempted this before, it is time consuming but you can create a really unique effect. tutorial here.
These Butterfly Nails are incredible, such a great idea. I think I will try this at some point for sure. tutorial here
This is a really simple but effective look. You could try this with any range of colours, all you need is a sparkly top coat to finish the look. 
These are so cute! Definitely a conversation starter. tutorial here.
Scrabble can get very competitive in my house! You could write other words of course, but this would be perfect for Valentines day. Perfect excuse for me to get the Models Own WAH nails pen....

Is there any nail art you've been loving? Do you like to get creative with your own? 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Music Monday

The snow has vanished overnight and I've been essay writing all day. What gets me through is music, although I can get distracted with playlists on Spotify! Here are some songs I've been loving this week.

Delilah- Love You So

I am in love with this girl's voice! This song really gets in my head and I love the video. 

Billie Holiday-A Fine Romance

I first heard this song when I went to see Priscilla Queen of The Desert, which has sadly just left the West End  (but I would recommend the film!) there are many versions of this song by a variety of artists but I think this has to be my favourite. 

Madonna-Give Me All Your Luvin'

Of course this has divided some people, but what is Madonna without controversy? I happen to really like it, I love that M.I.A is involved too as I've been of a fan of her for years. Madonna was looking fierce at the SuperBowl as well! 

Maverick Sabre-No One
 I first heard Maverick Sabre on the track 'Jungle' by Professor Green and I've been a fan of his distinct voice ever since. He's really worth a listen to if you like a bit of that old-school vibe. 

What songs have you been enjoying this week? 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wonders of the Week

Well I woke up this morning to find my part of South East London blanketed with snow! I will make the most of it until it inevitably ends up being dark slush. Here is a list of what I've been loving this week.

5.) The New Kit Kat Chunky Flavours
My boyfriend was kind enough to bring me 3 out of the 4 new flavours for us to sample together! I missed out on the orange flavour, but I don't really mind as I knew I would fall in love with the Peanut Butter. You can vote for your favourite on the Kit Kat Facebook Page.

4.) Collection 2000 Creme Puff Lip Creams
These were are absolute bargain. The two on the left I went for as the other two would look a bit strange on my colouring. They were two for £4.99 in Superdrug but they had all sold out, but Boots had them two for a fiver, with the colours I wanted. They are lovely colours that leave you with a pretty unique matte finish. However you need to prep your lips beforehand otherwise they will highlight all the flaky bits! It's fairly long lasting. I even like the packaging, which is unusual for Collection 2000. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't. 

3.) Keeping warm- but keeping bills down. 
Anyone who is a student or has moved away from home with sympathise that as the temperature lowers, your bills with rocket. It's one of those boring facts of life. My student flat is part of a house which has been split into four flats, and while it is a gorgeous Victorian building, this doesn't bode well for warmth. My flatmates and I have become experts in the art of layering our clothes for the optimum level of warmth. We're strict with how long we put the heating on for. Hot water bottles aren't exactly on trend but they help! If you have any tips I'd love to hear them. 

2.) Spirited Away
I had been given this film many years ago to watch, but for some reason I never did. My little sister has recently been going to a Japanese Club at school and she asked me to watch this with her. I admit, I was a little reluctant. I assumed I wouldn't really 'get it'. But even at twenty years old I was enraptured. It really is a fantastic film and I would urge anyone to watch it. The less I say about it the better really, as I think it's best discovered with an open mind. 

1.) This video. 

Never had a Tumblr but this reminds me of being a fourteen year old, Johnny Depp obsessed Internet NerdGirl.

Hope you've all had a wonderful week! Wrap up warm.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Style Crush: Dita Von Teese

If there is one thing I truly admire when it comes to fashion, it is dedication. One woman that gives it her all when it comes to her look is burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. From her coiffed hair and signature half-moon manicure to her Louboutin clad feet, her vintage style makes her stand out from the celebrity crowd. Here are a few of my favourite images, all taken from here.

What do you think of Dita's look?