Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wonders of the Week

1.) Muriel's Wedding

This great Aussie feel-good flick was on FilmFour in the week. If you're a fan of 'the ugly ducking done good' sort of film, it is certainly worth a watch. Quote-worthy lines, 90s outfits and lots of Abba is always good in my book.

2.) Chocolate. 
Now, I am genuinely not a big chocolate eater. However I seem to be suffering some kind of horrendous chocolate hangover from Christmas in which I now can't get enough. Luckily my supply is running low. For a treat I would recommend this liquid goodness.

3.) Skin, Hair and Nails Tablets
In an attempt to counteract my chocolate habit and generally improve the obvious, I've been taking these bad boys. Now I was skeptical at first, but I do think they are making a difference. My skin is clearer and my nails are stronger. My hair wasn't bad to begin with, but over time I may see more of a difference. As a disclaimer I do eat a (fairly) balanced diet and drink lots of water, which is important! 

4.) Revlon's Just Bitten in Passion 
I was lucky to receive this as a Christmas present from my sister, and I just love it. I have a love/hate relationship with lip products. I find the idea of lipstick incredibly glamorous, but fear it smudging so tend to save it for special occasions. Lipgloss is great, but it seems to vanish within an hour. This is the only product I've found that lasts without me even noticing it. The addition of a lipbalm is great, as my only qualm is the drying of it. However that is unimportant as I am in LOVE. 

5.) Conquering my dissertation one day at a time.

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