Thursday, 12 January 2012

An Introduction.

MSN, Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, I've had 'em all. In this world of social media, who hasn't got a blog? Me, that's who. Which isn't really the reason why I'm starting one, but it makes for a punchy start. I've read blogs for years, but it was only until I started university that I really used them. Alone with Google in my accommodation room, I began to frantically search blogs for all kinds of help. How do I cook this? What is fabric conditioner even for? Apart from the mundane, I had to of course economise, which is how I ended up reading reviews before buying. Aside from avoiding dodgy mascara, it aided in me entering a new stage in life of appreciating quality over quantity.

So in my little slice of the blogosphere I intend to share my own wisdom (questionable as it is) on, well, pretty much everything. Although I hesitate to call it a 'lifestyle' blog, for one that sounds poncy, and two I haven't even written anything yet. We will have to see.

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